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Small Moving Aerobic Reactor Treatment


Moving Bed BioReactor


System Components
›› Primary treatment: typical septic tank (and grease interceptor when needed) for primary solids separation.  Surge flow equalization when needed.
›› Aerobic reactor: single or multiple stages
dependent on effluent goals.
›› Up to 90% total Nitrogen removal with
recirculation and blower sequencing. Total nitrogen below 10 mg/l can be achieved
›› Secondary (biological) solids separation and UV disinfection, if needed.

is perfectly suited for high-strength waste streams. It’s extremely large biological surface area allows full  treatment in a small footprint. These high-strength waste applications include:

›› Restaurants
›› Convenience stores and truck stops
›› Industrial pre-treatment systems

Other prime applications include:

›› Single-family homes
›› Mobile home parks
›› Condominiums and apartment complexes
› Cluster homes in subdivisions and similar
With its proven efficiency, this small-flow, fixed-film wastewater treatment process is ideal for upgrading activated sludge or fixed-film systems.

Among the system’s many operational advantages, the SMART-Treat MBBR system is:

›› Economical
›› Reliable
›› Easy to install and operate
›› Compact
›› Highly flexible with regard to influent hydraulic and organic loads
›› Easily integrated into a variety of different stages of infrastructure development to treat domestic, industrial or combined flow

SMARTer, more flexible, and versatile treatment

›› Huge microbe surface area in a small footprint
›› Has Custom combinations of tank sizing, biological
surface area and air delivery to achieve specific
treatment levels
›› Can be shipped fully assembled for immediate
installation on site
›› Versatility in sizing: ability to expand treatment
capacity by simply adding more surface area into
the tank — in minutes!

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