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Environmental / Health Products & Service (EHS) provides sales & service to customers who desire solutions for biological water & wastewater treatment.

EHS and SMART-Treat offer On-site wastewater treatment systems for flows ranging from 1000gpd – 100,000gpd

SMART-Treat is ideal for:

  • High-strength waste
  • Nitrification/denitrification for removal of ammonia and nitrates from the waste stream.
  • Domestic and and industrial waste streams
  •  Typical domestic use cases include mobile home parks, restaurants, campgrounds, strip-malls,
  • Typical industrial use cases include food processing plants, industrial pre-treatment

EHS and SMART-Treat functions:

Work with associates and customers to investigate water and wastewater treatment needs for clients, provide advisory or consultant services as requested, using education and experience derived from more that 30 years in these areas:

  • Process engineering, R&D, field service, on-site evaluation
  • Troubleshooting, chemical & biological unit process analysis,
  • Provide design outlines & preliminary budget estimates to customers for biological treatment processes, primarily the moving bed biofilm reactor and primarily for ANY wastewater flow —using Biowater Technologies biofilm carrier products. (specialization: 1 MGD or less)
  • Conduct procurement, manufacture, assembly & delivery of units sold.
  • Provide on-site installation supervision of products sold.
  • Provide maintenance functions of products sold for most installations.
  • Attend educational events such as technical conferences to extend and expand knowledge in the field.
  • Participate in marketing functions (exhibits, technical presentations, present papers/posters at local, regional and national events).
  • Provide designers, engineers & owners with knowledge of the products.
  • Promote specific advantages of product line for onsite aerobic treatment– registered trade name of SMART-Treat™


Biofilm Carrier Element products/processes.  

Biowater’s unique biofilm carriers are designed for top performance biological treatment of wastewater. Microorganisms in the biofilm that attach on the surface of the carriers take up pollutants as food for growth.

The carriers has been applied and tested with great success in various industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants all over the world.

Biowater has optimized it’s carriers for use in MBBR and CFIC processes with a biofilm process that provides high biofilm surface area and prevent biomass/particle clogging.

  • Pulsed Burst Systems

MegaBubble mixers and pumps


MegaBubble mixers are maintenance free and very efficient.  The mixers use blower air to mix MBBR media effectively while not introducing oxygen to the wastewater for effective denitrification without the need for conventional mixers.

  • PointWatch Systems


PointWatch systems provide SMART-Treat systems with both control and piece of mind.  The SMART-Treat process can be monitored and controlled with easy to understand rules based programming that anyone with a smartphone can understand.  Are your flows decreasing during certain months?  Save energy by pulsing the blower on/off with varying flow.  Don’t know when to call the septic haulers?  Schedule based on depth in the septic tank or set a reminder on the system.  PointWatch makes SMART-Treat a truly intelligent wastewater treatment system.

UV Disinfection 

UV disinfection can be used, as needed, for the reduction for fecal coliforms.  Disnfected water can be reused as greywater for reuse applications such as flushing toilets or irrigation.